CAD/CAM, Technology for One Day Dental Restorations

Accidents can happen to any one and any time. They may cause physical injured and organ damage. One of the human part that are the most frequently affected by accidents is tooth, especially the incisors. Losing one of these tooth can affects confidence because the incisors are the most visible tooth during smiling or talking. Therefore, quick restoration on an injured tooth within a short period of time can prevent patient from worrying about waiting for the dental restorations.

Tooth discoloration : Treatments option to make your smile even better

Natural teeth or dental crowns shades may get discolored overtime due to plaque buildup from food and beverages consumption such as drinking coffee may cause teeth to be yellowish and dull also cigarette smoking can leave brown stains on the teeth. The consequences of these teeth discoloration are loss confidence while smiling or talking. In the patient with crown restoration and fix prosthodontics treatment the extrinsic stain can cause the dental appearance esthetic to be unharmonized.

Losing tooth from accident dental Implants can be the treatment of choices.

Accidents can happen at any time and anywhere. Accident are one of the factors that can lead to tooth loss. These accidents include falling and bumping against a hard surface. If a tooth is chipped, split or cracked in half which in some case it can be hard to clean due to the pain and also reduced the ability of mastication.

Beware!!! Tooth loss from dental tartar

When it comes to dental cleaning many people familiar with dental scaling which is done to remove plaque deposition on a enamel and surrounding soft tissue.

Maxillary sinus bone graft for dental Implants

Sinus lift is a kind of bone graft procedure. It is performed when patient’s loss maxillary molar for long period of time since the maxillary molar anatomy tend to have roots near the sinus cavity as a result losing one of these tooth may cause the sinus membrane to move downward to the space where the tooth was once located.