How do parents know? When should your child get braces?

Orthodontics for young children should begin when some of their permanent teeth have erupted. After the permanent teeth appear, a dentist specializing in orthodontics will evaluate the appropriateness of orthodontic treatment for each child. For the most part, orthodontic treatment for children focuses on correcting abnormalities early on. So that the teeth align beautifully with the facial structure.

How should parents prepare for orthodontic treatment in children?

  • Children should be taken for regular oral health examinations. To prevent tooth decay and have the dentist examine the development of tooth growth in order to discuss appropriate treatment options according to age.
  • Should talk to educate about the benefits of orthodontics and teach the importance of oral health care. To make children understand the benefits of orthodontic treatment and cooperate in orthodontic treatment. Including being able to take care of your own oral cleanliness during orthodontic treatment.
  • You should study the details of the cost of orthodontic treatment in children. However, the cost will vary depending on the type of braces such as metal braces, clear braces.

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