Maxillary sinus bone graft for dental Implants

Sinus lift is a kind of bone graft procedure. It is performed when patient’s loss maxillary molar for long period of time since the maxillary molar anatomy tend to have roots near the sinus cavity as a result losing one of these tooth may cause the sinus membrane to move downward to the space where the tooth was once located.

If the replacement of the tooth require by using dental implants in this particular case the oral and maxillofacial surgery dentist needs to perform sinus lift surgery before placement of the dental implant. The surgery will provide enough space for dental implant placement. In the surgery, the sinus tissue is lifted and then a bone graft will be placed and then the surgical area will be suture and cover with artificial tissue. The recovery period should be approximately six months. After this period, the bone will become stable enough and then the dental implants can be placed in the next step.

In case dental implants are placed without sinus lift surgery the dental implants can injure the sinus tissue which lead to sinusitis. Apart from this problem, if the bone is not strong enough to support the dental implants it will also affect the stability of the dental implants.

A dental implant insertion done together with sinus lifting is a complicated procedure that requires the expertise of a dentist to be completed. The treatment plan and process may differ in each case depend on the dentist and the patient.

Dr. Kasama Aryatawong
Dentist specializing in oral maxillofacial and surgery

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