CAD/CAM, Technology for One Day Dental Restorations

Accidents can happen to any one and any time. They may cause physical injured and organ damage. One of the human part that are the most frequently affected by accidents is tooth, especially the incisors. Losing one of these tooth can affects confidence because the incisors are the most visible tooth during smiling or talking. Therefore, quick restoration on an injured tooth within a short period of time can prevent patient from worrying about waiting for the dental restorations.

Using the CAD/CAM (computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing) technology can shorter the process of making dental restorations to 1-2 days which traditionally the procedure take 1-2 weeks. The traditional dental restoration process is quite complex and takes a longer time. However, the CAD/CAM technology helps shorten the process as it scans teeth and designs dental restorations with a computer. This allows a patient to see 3D visualization of the restorations before making real ones to decide whether they fit the existing teeth or not. In non complicated cases patient can wear the restorations in 1-2 days.

Dr. Peeraya Chitpattanakul

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