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Dentalis , Vejthani Hospital

Dentalis,Vejthani Hospital is located in the heart of Bangkok, near shopping areas and the best hotels in Thailand, Dentalis,Vejthani hospital gives easy access to all patients (locally and internationally).
Dentalis, Vejthani Hospital was established in 1994, by a group of the best dental specialists in Thailand
with the common aim of providing professional dental treatments and individualized patient care.
Our Dental specialists

Dentalis , Vejthani Hospital

Our dental specialists are trained and each is specializing in their own areas of expertise. Our dentists undergoes continuous training overseas both at ongoing courses conducted at our hospital as well as external training in their effort of providing the latest, most effective dental techniques and services. Dentalis prides itselves with friendly and dedicated staffs composing of experienced dental assistants that has been in their field for numerous years.
Our clinics’ management includes Master’s graduates from Japan and Thailand.
All of whom, we believe, form an important backbone in the operations of our dental hospital with the mission to provide high quality and most efficient dental services to all patients ( locally and internationally). Good ambiance service and care in a relaxing atmosphere is what you can expect from our dental hospital
Our Dental Specialists

Dentalis , Vejthani Hospital

40 Dental specialists

Dentalis, Vejthani hospital has over 40 dental specialists

14 Treatment rooms

Dentalis, Vejthani hospital have 14 treatment rooms

Offices working together

Dentalis, Vejthani hospital have whom are graduates from top universities including Japan, USA., Denmark, Germany, United Kingdom, and Thailand's top universities

Our Mission

High quality and most efficent quality dental service

To provide high quality and most efficient quality dental service to all patients and render the most effective treatment for patient such as protection system, dentist expertise , proper and efficient oral diagnosis in order to determine the necessary treatments needed for patients, sterilization technique, dentist team work and above all patients satisfaction.