Tips for Taking Care of Oral Health in Kids

Taking care of oral health since childhood is key to maintaining beautiful and strong teeth in the long term. That is why parents are supposed to pay attention to taking care of the teeth of their kid(s) from birth to when primary teeth start developing. This will help prevent premature primary tooth loss. If a primary tooth has fallen out prematurely, the kid may have problems with pronunciation problems and adult teeth getting stacked on top of the baby teeth.

After a baby has been born, the parents should wipe its mouth clean after every breastfeeding. A clean towel dipped in boiled water should be used to clean the gum ridge, tongue, the bulge of the cheek, and the areas around the upper and lower lips. This will make the baby used to the feeling of teeth brushing in the future after teeth have developed.

Parents are recommended to brush every tooth of their kid with a toothpaste that is proper for kids and contains fluoride. They should wean their kid off the bottle by 12-18 months.

Kids should be encouraged to eat healthy food and avoid sweets, fizzy drinks, snacks and candies. Lastly, they should be brought to see a dentist for an oral health checkup every 3-6 months to prevent tooth decay.

Dr. Pim Khererat

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