Chipped or Broken Teeth: Which Treatment is the Best?

Chipped, broken or cracked teeth with a piece of a tooth breaking off and falling out make the remaining tooth structure incomplete and look bad. This problem can be found in people of every gender and age. It is caused by the force of impact during an accident or other behaviors in everyday life that pose the risk of tooth damage, such as chewing food too hard.

If chipped or broken teeth are properly taken care of and treated in time, they may be able to be repaired and function normally like before. This will also prevent tooth loss.

There are many treatment procedures for broken teeth, such as:

Tooth filling: Treats teeth that are only slightly chipped, broken or cracked. Dental filling materials, such as plastic resin, that are similar to the patient’s teeth in color and shape are used to fill the gaps of the teeth to allow them to function normally again.

Dental crowns: In case of seriously broken teeth, a dentist will recommend dental crowns. These crowns are similar to the patient’s existing teeth in shape and color to deliver natural-looking results.

Veneers: In case the teeth are only slightly broken, wearing veneers allows the teeth to function properly again. Veneers are made of thin ceramic materials whose quality is similar to the natural teeth. Veneers are placed over the front surfaces of the teeth.

Root canal treatment: In case the teeth are broken deep down to the dental pulp, a dentist will need to do the root canal treatment by cleaning the root canals, removing the damaged tissues to prevent further infection, and then sealing the teeth.

This procedure will allow patients to use the teeth normally again without pain.

Tooth extraction: In case the teeth are broken beneath the gum line, or the teeth are severely damaged and cannot be restored to function again, a dentist will recommend tooth extraction. The removed teeth will be replaced by new ones, such as dental implants.

People who are suffering from broken teeth are recommended to see a dentist for treatment. The treatment process may differ from person to person, depending on the dentist’s opinions.

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