How orthognathic surgery help in orthodontics treatment?

Orthognathic surgery helps treat conditions caused by a jaw abnormality such as a protruding mouth, protruding jaw, facial asymmetry, gummy smile (excessive gingival display) and underbite (the lower teeth overlapping the upper teeth).

These conditions cause many effects on everyday routine and esthetically appearance including lost smiling confidence and mastication problem. The example of masticatory problem that can occur is not be able to bite noodles due to upper and lower teeth not occlude the consequences from this scenario is jaw fatigue due to constraining of the mouth muscles.

Jaw abnormalities can be a congenital disorder. If orthodontic treatment alone cannot solve this problem orthognathic surgery may require together with orthodontic treatment.

Orthognathic surgery with orthodontic treatment can be done in two ways:

  1. Performing orthodontic treatment before orthognathic surgery
  2. Surgical first approach: Performing orthognathic surgery before orthodontic treatment 

Orthognathic surgery with orthodontic treatment helps move the jawbone to the correct position. This surgery results in facial symmetry and improve phonetic function. The surgery also solves the underbite issue by moving the overlapping teeth to the correct positions to improve the chewing ability and correct the teeth alignment.

Orthognathic surgery with orthodontic treatment should be performed in people whose body has already stopped growing. Such procedures also need to be carried out by a multidisciplinary team of dental specialists. They will take care each patient closely in order to achieve the treatment results as planned.

Dr. Seethala Sangganjanavanich

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