Dental Implant Process

There are many causes of tooth loss, such as untreated tooth decay and gum disease. This causes problems in everyday life, including food chewing and no confidence while smiling. Therefore, “dental implants” are one suitable choice of treatment. 

Dental Implant Process 

1. Doing oral health checks  

Oral health checks are the first thing that a dentist does. X-Rays or CT-Scans may be recommended for thorough oral assessment. An initial treatment plan and assessment of treatment duration are made in this step.  

2. Performing dental implant procedure

After the dentist has made a treatment plan, the dentist will locate where to insert dental implants in the jawbone. After that, the gum will be cut open and holes will be drilled into the bone to insert the implants. The recovery period is around 1-2 months. During this period, the bone will heal and attach to the implants.  

3. Putting on dental crowns or inserting artificial teeth  

After the bones have attached to the dental implants in the recovery period, the dentist will make an appointment with the patient to put on dental crowns or insert artificial teeth. They will replace the real teeth that have been lost. With the new teeth, the patient can chew food normally. 

4. Follow-ups 

After the new teeth have been placed, the dentist will schedule a follow-up with the patient to assess the effectiveness of the implants as well as to give warnings and recommendations on how to take care of the implants. Although dental implants can function like natural teeth, if the oral cavity is not properly cleaned, problems may follow.  

Dr. Sukolrat Wattanapirom
Dentist specializing in oral implantology 

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