Zoom Whitening: Make Your Teeth Whiter in a few Minutes

Zoom whitening offers a solution to dull or yellowish tooth enamel. This whitening process makes the enamel whiter with LED light from the Zoom equipment. The light acts as a catalyst for the whitening gel, which makes teeth whiter within a short period of time.

Zoom Whitening process are as followed;

  1. Dental cleaning before bleaching process begin.
  2. Consulting with a dentist to make a treatment plan including choosing the shade of enamel that is suitable for the patient
  3. Applying whitening gel over the surface of teeth and then apply LED light from the Zoom equipment as a catalyst to make the tooth surface brighter. The whitening process takes around 15 minutes. After that the whitening gel is changed 3-4 times. In case the patient starts to experience teeth sensitivity the bleaching process might be stopped as soon as possible.
  4. After the bleaching process is completed the dentist will compare the teeth shade before and after the treatment and let the patient see the difference. Then the dentist will give post operative instruction about how to take care the teeth after the treatment.

Dr. Jomnang Yoohun
Cosmetic dentist

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