Why Choose Dentalis & Dental Implant Center

Dentalis & Dental Implant Center is a dental center whose dental care service is offered by a team of over 45 dental specialists. They graduated from a leading university both in and outside Thailand. Dentalis & Dental Implant Center is part of Vejthani Hospital that is accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI) from the United States. The center is also well-equipped with innovations, technologies and modern devices that make every treatment even more precise. We also pay close attention to hygiene and dental device sterilization under the highest standard. 

Dentalis & Dental Implant Center is outstanding for dental implant surgery, which helps those who have lost their teeth regain their smile with the new teeth that look natural. This surgery also allows them to chew food normally like before and to improve their life quality. The center also offers service for Invisalign clear aligners and cosmetic dentistry, such as dental veneers and teeth whitening. Other specialized treatments are also presented, including root canal treatment, gum disease treatment, dentures, dental crowns, dental bridges and jaw surgery that is done together with orthodontic treatment. Apart from these, we also have a ventilation system and UV light sterilization to boost the confidence and safety of our patients during the Covid-19 crisis.  

Dentalis & Dental Implant Center  
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