What is Prosthodontics?

Is a field of dentistry whereby the dentist performs an esthetically higher level of implantology and full mouth reconstruction to offer the most advanced form of sequencing treatment, restorative treatment and maintenance of the teeth. A prosthodontist is typically the one who decides the best course of treatment for partially or completely edentulous patients.


A Prosthodontist is typically the one who decides the best course of treatment for partially or completely edentulous patients.Esthetic Reconstructive Dentistry-this is the most advanced approach to treating fully, partially or completely edentulous patients with the highest level of implantology treatment.

*Ceramic and metal crowns- A dental crown

*Ceramic and metal crowns- A dental crown is a prosthetic tooth designed to repair a damaged tooth. Crowns are made of combination of porcelain/ ceramic materials. Crowns are expensive but they typically last for a maximum of 10 years.

*Dental Bridges

Traditional bridges are used to fill in areas where tooth is missing and similarly dental bridges are used to fill in areas where teeth are missing.

Dental bridges

Dental bridges are false teeth used to fill gaps where a tooth has fallen out in order to improve the look and function of the teeth. Dental bridge can be either tooth-supported (most common) or implant-supported. Dental bridges are often used as a type of removable partial denture.Teeth can fall out due to

  • Disease
  • Decay
  • Physical trauma, but bridges can be inserted to reconstruct a person’s smile and make sure that they don’t suffer any of the negative effects associated with tooth loss.

When a tooth falls out there is always a chance that the surrounding teeth will naturally shift to fill the empty space. There is also a chance that decay may occur in the surrounding teeth or that gum disease and speech impediments may result from the loss of a tooth. In severe cases tooth loss can lead to a collapsed bite and jaw problems. Dental bridges are most effective for people who have only a few missing teeth because when they are inserted they are usually anchored to surrounding natural teeth.

Dental bridges are made from porcelain and usually have a metal substructure.

Types of Bridges

  • Fixed bridges
  • Bonded bridges
  • Cantilever bridges.

Fixed bridges

Fixed bridges are the most common type of bridge. When this type of bridge is inserted the two surrounding teeth must be affixed with crowns to hold it in place.

Bonded bridges

Bonded bridges can be less expensive than fixed bridges, but they are usually only offered to people whose surrounding teeth are healthy and free of filings. This type of bridge is affixed to natural teeth with metal wings that are permanently fastened in place on either side of the bridge.

Cantilever bridges

Cantilever bridges are often applied to front teeth. These bridges are also used when a person only has a natural tooth on one side of the bridge, instead of on both sides. Unlike other bridges, which need to be attached to both surrounding teeth, cantilever bridges are designed to adhere just to the one natural tooth beside the bridge.

*Removable Complete Dentures

Full – mouth false teeth are intended for people without any teeth (edentulous). Complete dentures help patients who have lost their teeth due to trauma or poor oral hygiene, giving them better chewing abilities in addition to more appealing appearance.

*Removable Partial Denture- Dentures designed for partially –edentulous patients (missing one or more teeth)

Patients typically prefer fixed partial dentures over partial dentures, but not all partially edentulous people candidate for fixed partial dentures; due to lack of supporting tissues through which to attach the fixed dentures.

*Fixed Partial dentures-are designed for partially edentulous people missing one or more teeth

Fixed partial dentures are commonly called “crowns” or “dental bridges” and are more expensive than removable partial dentures, but they provide the most natural results for the treatment of partial edentulous patients.

What is Prosthodontics?

Prosthodontics Is a field of dentistry whereby the dentist performs an esthetically higher level

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