Habits That are Bad for Oral Health

Taking care of oral health is something important that is yet ignored by many people. As teeth play an important role in food chewing in everyday life, most oral health conditions are caused by eating food. Food particles stuck in the mouth can lead to many problems, such as decayed teeth, bad breath and swollen gum which can finally cause tooth loss.  

These following habits that are bad for the oral health should be avoided:   

  • Smoking and drinking   
  • Chewing hard food, such as beans and ice cubes 
  • Not cleaning the oral cavity  
  • Consuming sweets  
  • Brushing teeth in a wrong way 
  • Not cleaning teeth regularly with dental floss  
  • Drinking tea or coffee  

Regularly taking care of the oral health will keep the teeth strong and increase their longevitiy. Apart from those mentioned above, there are some other habits that cause long-term health issues. That is why a dental checkup should be done every six months. Regular checkups will help keep teeth and the oral cavity healthy.  

Dr. Thaworn Limpasaichol
General practitioner

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