Oral diagnosis Examination

Dentistry is the art and science of prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of conditions, diseases, and disorders of the oral cavity, the maxillofacial region, and its associated structures.

Oral examination and diagnosis – is the prevention of the essential body of information necessary, and step by step method of conducting a through oral examination, which systematically includes all of the patients head and neck as well as the dentition.

Orl examination and diagosis is identifying the nature of adisease , collecting eraential information , and a step by step method , of conduction a though oral examination , which usually includes all of the atients head and reck as well. as the dentition.

Diagnostic and X- Ray Clinic

The Diagnostic and X- Ray Clinic involves in charting and examining the teeth and the surrounding tissue. The dentist may ask for the patient’s medical history in details to make a correct diagnosis, then will explain and give some advice about the patient’s dental and oral diseases. After that, the dentist will discuss the treatment plan, the procedures and the cost with the patient. After the initial examination is complete, the patient will be treated by the dental specialists until the complete treatment is achieved. If the patient has some medical problems or any concern about their general health which might affect the dental treatment, the patient will be examined by our qualified medical staff before starting the dental treatment.

The patient may have an X- ray taken in the mouth ( Intra-oral Radiograph ) which is a process to obtain a radiograph of the teeth and the area surrounding the apex of the roots by using a per apical film in one or many areas of the mouth.

The intra-oral radiograph may include a bitewing film which can show the physical state of the teeth and the bone from each side (proximal area). In some cases, panoramic radiograph is needed to provide the practical view of the upper and lower jaws on the same film. The patient is always required to wear a lead apron to minimize the exposure to radiation.

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