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Implant Over denture

Another traditional approach to treating multiple missing teeth has been to use partial dentures. These are appliances made of plastic and metal that clip to adjacent healthy teeth in order to fill the gaps created by missing teeth.

Partial dentures are much more cosmetic than they are functional, and they still often lead to embarrassment.Many people who wear partial dentures say they are reluctant to smile, laugh or even speak in public because they are afraid their denture may slip, or that the wires may show.

Dental implants are a better solution. They are fixed in place, do not move, and eliminate the need to worry about your teeth. They are the closest thing possible to natural teeth. People with dental implants say they look better, feel better, and have more confidence. And they can finally eat what they want, and participate in all the activities they desire. It’s not uncommon to hear the comment “I feel like I got my life back!”.

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