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Dentalis, the center of Dentist, in Vejthani Hospi.....

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Short Courses

Dentalis comes from Dental is, that means our Dental Center includes everything about dental services or it means we are everything about Dental aspect. Besides all disciplinary in dental treatment, We also have academic services. Dentalis continuing education center is the major institution approved by the Thai Dental Council. We have 2 years certification course in implantology affiliated by Frankfurt University, Germany and we also have short training course 3-4 times / year.

Each time includes 2-3 days training program providing both lecture and workshops. All lecturers are famous and widely accepted in Thailand and international!

Most training Program are implantology and sometimes We have LASER in dentistry and other interesting topics.


"The Aim of our short course is to improve Dentist’s ability to give the optimal health care to their patient. Our course enhances basic and advanced dental knowledge and skills, updating the new innovations and new treatment technics based on the accepted academic evidences"

Dentalis Continuing education center strives to initiate and encourage dentist’s lifelong learning habits after schools. And we also have The Library for the dentalis staffs providing all disciplinary dental text book. Our training programs always succeed by the cooperation of the lecturers, participants and our staffs.