SLA Active Dental Implant

In 1994, ITI Struamann developed the ground-breaking SLA surface that reduced the average healing time from 12 weeks (TPS surface) to only 6-8 weeks. Shortly after its introduction, the macro- and micro structured, osseoconductive  SLA surface became the gold standard in implant technology.


The SLActive surface takes the proven concept of SLA one step further to set the new surface benchmark. SLActive dental implant surfaces optimize its molecular structure that has enabled a further reduction of the average healing time from 6-8 weeks to 3-4 weeks.


SLActive is based on the scientifically proven SLA surface topography, but exhibits a fundamentally improved surface chemistry. Due to its ideal conditioning, the chemically active and hydrophilic SLActive surface significantly promotes the initial healing reaction allowing a faster osseointegration process and higher implant stability.